We Are ALL Connected! You are never alone!

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Take a Chance

Take a chance on finding that glimmer of hope in this seemingly endless realm of darkness, anger and hurt.  You are not alone and never have been.  You are the creator of your own story and have the power to make it uniquely yours.


About the Book

 Have you even been in a place so dark that you gave up hope- thinking that the world might be a better place without you?  We understand more than you know- don't make suicide an option- there is hope.  All we ask is you go in with an open mind, because you are NEVER alone.  We are divinely connected more than we have even been conditioned to know.  No matter what has happened in the past, each dawn of a new day is a clear slate to start over with the life you want to lead.  It's never too late to take control and write your own story.



I have never felt so alone, even though I'm surrounded by all these people.  All I kept thinking was why do these kinds of things always happen to me?  I never asked for this you know... What did I do to deserve this and all the other things that just went wrong in my life? I'm just looking for the "white picket fence." 

There has to be something bigger than this- something more...
I don't know how I made it down that mountain or who had taken over the wheel, but what I felt, and saw was amazing!


If you open yourself up to the opportunity of something bigger- there is an infinite amount of information out there for you.  So, take your time, look around and see what topics you are drawn to.  We welcome you to share your stories with others to help create a community of loving support.  Please don't be shy to drop us a line to let us know where you are on your personal journey, either by email or by commenting on a post.  

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing where your journey takes you.

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